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To report a lost or stolen Town & Country Bank ATM or Visa Debit Card, please call:

  • During banking hours: (702) 252-8777
  • After banking hours: (800) 535-8440
  • When traveling your Debit Card use may be restricted in identified high fraud areas. Please contact the bank for more information regarding this.

Statement of Condition

Please contact us at (702) 252-8777 for our current Statement of Condition.

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The confidentiality of Internet e-mail cannot be guaranteed. Do not include private or confidential information such as passwords, account numbers, Social Security numbers, etc., in e-mails to Town & Country Bank. Instructions having financial consequences such as wire transfer requests, electronic funds payments, inter-account deposit and loan transfers, etc., should not be included in your e-mail communications to Town & Country Bank, and we will not act on such instructions. We will maintain and store your e-mails for a set period of time to meet legal and regulatory requirements.