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Identity Theft Repair Program - CYBERSCOUT (Formerly IDT911)

Our Identity Theft Repair program automatically provides coverage when you have one of the following accounts with Town & Country Bank:

  • Personal Checking
  • Personal Interest Checking
  • Personal Money Market Checking
  • Senior Checking
  • Personal Savings Account
  • Individual Retirement Account
  • Personal Certificate of Deposit
If your identity has been stolen, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed but don’t panic. Let us help. We’ve partnered with CyberScout, America’s leading provider in resolving identity theft, to help you repair the damage created by thieves and hackers. You’re completely covered with proactive services, fraud services, and document replacement services.

Proactive Services

Personal, unlimited access to a fraud specialist to resolve issues such as:

Travel Risk

Replace lost or stolen identification, passports, visas, and other documents with our help no matter where you are in the world.

External Breach Support

Get support when your personal information is exposed by an employer, retailer, or any other third-party organization.

System Protection Support

Receive assistance before and after a personal computing device, such as when a desktop, tablet or smartphone is compromised.

Email Identity Support

Helps thwart, detect and recover from email hacking that can lead to fraud. Plus, we help manage your identity and privacy in online communications.

Phish Assist

Fight phishing scams that entice you to divulge personal data. Draw on our detection and recovery support to stay secure.

Fraud Services

Monitoring and protection from evolving threats, including:

Financial Identity Theft

Regain financial stability after thieves take over existing financial accounts or open new accounts and run up debt in their name.

Tax Identity Theft

Protect your identifying information after criminals use it to file a false return or steal your refund.

Utility Identity Theft

We help you untangle difficult-to-resolve identity theft used for pricey cable services, power bills and more.

Payday Loan Identity Theft

Recover your credit and good name with our assistance after criminals use your information to take out high-interest loads and then stick you with the bill.

Government Benefits Identity Theft

Helps safeguard government benefits from thieves who can disrupt your life by depleting unemployment, child support, or Social Security benefits.

Document Replacement Services

Whenever you need guidance replacing lost, stolen or destroyed identification such as: Passports, Credit or Debit Cards, Driver’s Licenses, Social Security Cards, Medicare/Medicaid Cards and Birth Certificates.

For more information to learn more about identity theft and how you can keep your identity secure visit CYBERSCOUT.

If you think that you have become a victim of identity theft you can do one of the following:

  • Call us at: 702-252-8777
  • Stop into the bank and notify a Personal Banker, or
  • Call one of the CYBERSCOUT experts direct at: 877-432-7463